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An Altogether different healthcare communications agency

AMICULUM is an independent family of 11 branded agencies that delivers communications and consultancy services to pharmaceutical, biotechnology and health technology companies across the world.

What makes us different is our agile and highly collaborative approach, which allows us to put together the right expertise from across our business to deliver high-quality, technically accurate and compelling content for different audiences, through selective use of key communication channels.

Created in 2001, AMICULUM has grown steadily for the past 20 years with significant repeat business from our clients and recommendations from the leading experts we have worked with. We now have a team of over >300 healthcare communications professionals and operate in some of the most complex and challenging areas of medicine.

Our family

Each AMICULUM team offers particular expertise but shares common heritage, vision and philosophy, which inform how we engage with our clients and nurture our colleagues.

All AMICULUM agencies and regional teams are wholly owned entities, which are supported by our global integrated business services team comprising finance, IT and data security, HR and recruitment.

AMICULUM’s regional teams based in Asia, MENA and the USA support clients in these important locations with our full range of global services informed by their local expertise and experience.

Once we understand your needs, AMICULUM will collaborate closely with you to configure a team designed to achieve your business objectives aligned with your preferred ways of working. We may recommend that you engage with a single agency or regional team, or that you are supported by specialists drawn from more than one of our teams. In the latter case, we will ensure that the lines of communication are clear and you’ll be working with a dedicated team whose priority is to deliver your project.

What we do

AMICULUM delivers a range of services and consultancy to our healthcare clients. Our core expertise is based on our deep understanding of the science underpinning significant developments in medicine and the clinical practice environment. We are familiar with the complexities involved in working in the highly regulated pharmaceutical sector and the needs of all stakeholder groups, including patients, advocates, payors and healthcare professionals. We have experience in a wide range of therapy areas, including rare diseases and genomic medicine.

AMICULUM’s services and specialisms include:

  • Brand launches and promotional materials
  • Clinical and commercial consulting
  • Creative visuals and branding
  • Chinese healthcare communications
  • Digital strategies and tools
  • Data visualization
  • Healthcare learning and training
  • Market access assignments
  • Medical education programmes
  • Patient engagement and advocacy
  • Publications and scientific resources
  • Virtual and F2F events

We appreciate that clients don’t select projects from a menu of services and welcome opportunities to discuss individual challenges and objectives; we don’t need to wait for an RFP in order to generate creative ideas.

Want to learn about our expertise?

News and insights
News and insights

Client experience

We appreciate that delighted clients are the best possible source of new business and have been fortunate to develop long-lasting partnerships with many of the world’s leading global pharmaceutical and healthcare technology companies. We also value innovation and now have on our client roster several client companies which are younger than AMICULUM. The ‘trusted advisor’ status that we aim to achieve means that we can make a positive contribution to both creation of strategies and delivery of tactics.

AMICULUM has never published details of the assignments that we undertake. We are of course open to more detailed confidential discussions with prospective clients within the terms of our contractual agreements to ensure that potential conflicts of interest are avoided. References can also be provided in such circumstances with explicit permission from individual clients.


The company is led by our management team, supported by a larger group comprising the leaders of all AMICULUM agencies and business support teams.

  • Richard Allcorn
    Richard Allcorn

    DPhil Co-Founder

  • Jenny Putin
    Jenny Putin

    Co-Founder and
    Asia lead

  • Jane Smith
    Jane Smith

    BSc, MBA
    Europe and the
    USA lead

  • Nicola Duckworth
    Nicola Duckworth

    Operations lead

  • Rebecca Thomas
    Rebecca Thomas

    BA, ACMA
    Finance and
    commercial lead

  • Khaled Musallam
    Khaled Musallam
    MD, PhD
    Global medical and
    Middle East lead
  • Rebecca Laird
    Rebecca Laird

    MSc, Chartered
    Human resources

Our Team

Join our team

We are always looking for talented individuals to join our global team. If you believe that you have the skills, experience and enthusiasm required to be part of AMICULUM, we would be delighted to hear from you.

AMICULUM Curriculum

AMICULUM Curriculum

At AMICULUM we work hard to balance the needs of our business with the aspirations of our team members. We offer good rewards, flexible working arrangements and outstanding career progression opportunities for those who seek them.

AMICULUM does not have pre-defined career pathways. Instead, we provide the resources, support and inspiration for team members to develop their own careers based on their interests, skills, areas of expertise and ambition.

Curriculum is our collaborative learning and development initiative, which covers a wide range of topics from technical subjects to management skills and leadership. Curriculum promotes professional development for all team members who are invited to engage with the programme as both learners and subject matter experts. It provides a rich and dynamic learning environment for AMICULUM members worldwide.


AMICULUM’s global team operates from 13 locations in Europe, the USA, Middle East, China, Singapore and New Zealand

    • USA
    • Princeton
    • Chicago
    • EUROPE
    • Dundee
    • Glasgow
    • Manchester
    • Bollington
    • Oxford
    • London
    • MENA
    • Dubai
    • Singapore
    • Shanghai
    • Auckland
    • Hong Kong

AMICULUM also has team members based in Ireland, Switzerland and Taiwan

  • AMICULUM opened its first office in China in 2008. Our Asia team now includes 36 talented individuals in Shanghai, Singapore and New Zealand, representing 14% of AMICULUM employees globally.


    Our Asia team, in collaboration with colleagues across the AMICULUM family, offers the full range of AMICULUM services. We support regional commercial, medical and market access clients in pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies. We also collaborate extensively with regional healthcare professionals and patient organizations. We deliver Chinese language services to our global and local clients in China, and work in many other markets in the Asia-Pacific region
  • AMICULUM has been active in the Middle East with representation in Dubai since 2015. In 2019, we established a wholly-owned AMICULUM agency in the UAE with a view to further developing our presence in the region.


    Our team in Dubai provides healthcare communications services to pharmaceutical clients in the MENA cluster, as well as their global partners who wish to engage with regional stakeholders. Our vision is to bring the full spectrum of AMICULUM's expertise to the local framework, while tailoring deliverables based on a deep understanding of the region in terms of opportunities and unmet needs
  • AMICULUM has been supporting clients in the US since its formation in 2001 and, despite growth in other regions over the years, is still a significant market for us, representing >30% of our annual revenue. Our US-based team has offices in Chicago and Princeton.


    Our understanding of global strategic communication planning, combined with our in-depth knowledge of the US regulatory environment as it applies to healthcare communications, means that we are ideally positioned to support the development of both global and regional activities